Ally Bakes is a twenty something baker from Norfolk. Running a successful butchers & bakery along side her husband and parents.

You may be thinking by now that the bakery is full of my own beautiful bakes and ideas but it isn’t. My baking is an at home project only at the moment. The bakery is in the heart of Wells-Next-the-Sea and is more of a hot food and sandwich type place. My family took on the bakery in our town in 2008, having no knowledge of how to run a bakery or anything. We are family butchers (est. 1889). Therefore this blog is my outlet for my own creativity and my own outlet to speak.

Ideally when I feel confident enough past my own barriers then I’d like to mass produce a few of my cakes into are bakery but right now i’m a million miles from making a sponge for 8 people to 400 portions of sponge.

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you try out some of my recipes and some of my favourite tried and tested recipes from online and enjoy them as much as I do.